Grasruts is a crowdfunding platform in Nepal.

Explaining in a simple way

We work to provide you with the best service possible – to make it easier to organize fundraising and manage your campaign.

Your Grasruts account

  1. Supporters – people who sign up to be supporters (who will contribute financially to the campaign) will need to provide their full name, e-mail, full address, contact number.

  2. Project creators – people who are interested in submitting a campaign will need to provide the following information: full name / company name, full address, phone number  to receive funds raised if the campaign is well successful. Bank details will be requested by the Grasruts team after the campaign is succeeded.

  3. We respect your right to privacy, therefore, we do not provide any personal information from Supporters and Designers to third parties, except in case of a court order in that regard or at the request of the Supporters, when fraud, attempted fraud or noncompliance with the Terms By the Project Creators. In this sense, Grasruts clarifies that  bank data  of the Supporters will be stored in a secure place, on the Grasruts servers or on the servers of the payment medium used, to facilitate and streamline future support, as well as Any chargebacks if the Supported Project (s) is not successful.


We communicate with you only if you want this to happen.
We send you emails relating to your personal transactions and service-related announcements, but we only do so when necessary.
You will also receive some notifications, which may be waived if you choose (through opt-out).
The creators of the campaign will have access to the address and email of their supporters, as well as to the supported values ​​and selected rewards.

Privacy Policy Update

Grasruts reserves the right to update its privacy policy at any time. Information about updates will be sent to the email address provided or will be placed prominently on the site.
We reserve the right to disclose your personal information as required by law and when we believe disclosure is necessary to protect our rights.
To modify or delete any or all of the personal information you provided to us, please log in and update your profile.
Any doubts about the Privacy Policy should open a request through the email